The Venture Bros. “The Devil’s Grip” Review


A very  short season of Venture Bros. comes to an end…

To be honest, I’m not completely satisfied with this season.  The season might be the strongest of Venture Bros. overall, but there are too many plots introduced in the season without a proper conclusion at all.  With the 3-year wait and abnormally short season, we don’t know when we’re going to see a new episode again.  Season 6 seems so far away…

The episodes answers what exactly happened to Dr. Venture, and the boys are placed under their godfathers because of it.  Hank goes to Action Man, and Dean goes to Col. Gentleman.  I didn’t know that Rusty keeps such close touch with his father’s former co-workers that he named them his kids’ godfathers.  This is why I love Venture Bros, the character interactions.

It’s funny seeing the kids interacting with the respective new legal guardians.  While Dean writing Col. Gentleman’s memoir is funny, it’s Hank’s side of the story that stole that spotlight.  The scene where Hank and Action Man do the dress up to court Ms. Rose is hilarious.  Also, it awesome that it turns out Ms. Rose is Billy’s mother.  I knew there’s something up with her voice!  It’s such a great season for Billy, not only he gains an arch-villain, he also has a mother now.

While the kids are hanging with their godfathers, Uncle Hatred is requesting help from Gary, and trying to either take down the Monarch or rescue Dr. Venture, I’m not really sure what his motive is.  However, we did learn more disturbing personality issues with Hatred.  He calls people friends easily just because they saved him once, and he becomes crazy furious when he thought his friend betrays him.  He has strong abandonment issues, and it shines a whole new color to his already problematic character.

Dr. Venture and Monarch share some interesting moment in the episode.  It’s weird to see the two sitting down and talk like old friends, but it’s definitely a great scene.  I thought we’re digging deeper to the picture Monarch found a few episodes ago, but it seems like the writers are ignoring it for later.  Anyway, I still believe that Rusty and Monarch are actually brother.  Just you wait.

Overall, the episode is not bad at all, but it’s might be too weak for a season finale.  We didn’t even get Brock in the episode for god sake!  However, it is exciting to see a brand-new Monarch headquarter next season due to the destruction of their home and flying fortress.  Also, it seem like Dr. Mrs. Monarch’s Moppets are finally out of the show.  Well, at least one of them.  Which is great because I don’t like the characters.

Here’s to hoping season 6 will come sooner than 3 years.



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