Dexter “This Little Piggy” Review


The family that kills together…

This is how the Brain Surgeon story supposed to end?  There’s no way Yates is the Brain Surgeon, it’s just doesn’t fit his MO.  He is a feet guy, and there’s no mention of removing brain at all during his captive of Vogel.  Even though we did see the brain cores in the house, but it just seems super fishy.  I really feel like Vogel is somehow behind this whole thing, and she’s definitely working with the real Brain Surgeon.  She tells that person what to do, and the whole thing is an experiment on Dexter.

Seriously, if the whole Brain Surgeon story ends here, I will be super pissed with the show.  I still think Vogel is the real Brain Surgeon.  We all see how she acted with Yates while she’s captive.  While it’s a therapy strategy to make Yates thinks Vogel as his mother, it’s still a little psychotic.  I really don’t trust her.

The aftermath of the car accident is kind of ridiculous, especially seeing how Dexter and Deb are two little kids who made mistakes, and are scolded by mama Vogel.  It’s also ridiculous to see how quickly Debra come to turns with her new found love for her brother again.  Ever since the season premiere, Debra has been a drunken mess and now she’s all okay again?  I think the change is too quick, but I’m also sick and tired of the emo Deb so I guess this is a change for the best.

Also the line “The family that kills together” is super forced.  The scene where Dexter dumps Yates’ body into the ocean with Vogel and Deb watching makes me chuckle.  It’s one of the stupidest thing I seen in the series, and I’m sad because of it.

The side-quest mission introduced in this episode is distracting, and I do not like it at all.  The murderer for the mission is obvious, and I think it’s just a chance for Quinn to shine.  Mentioning Quinn, I think he’s getting a little better now in this episode, and I’m kind of rooting for him to be a sergeant.  However, it doesn’t mean I like him, and I still can’t believe he made it out of last season alive.

It seems like Vince’s happy ending might not be too happy after all.  He doesn’t know what his daughter want from him, and it seems like she’s only after his money.  But who knows, maybe everything will turn out great for Vince- he definitely deserves it.

So now that Brain Surgeon is dead (?), let’s ask ourselves how the series is going to end.  I always thought the Brain Surgeon arc is going to last longer, and the series will end soon after Dexter put the Brain Surgeon on the table.  Also, I also thought Dexter will die in Deb’s hands, but that doesn’t seem like the case anymore since the two just made up.  But we never know- Vogel might turn out to be the real Brain Surgeon, and Dexter and Deb might fall out soon.  Here’s how I think the series is going to end: Vogel will reveal to be the Brain Surgeon, Quinn will die, Harrison will live with his grandparents, and Debra will kill Dexter.  We will find out the truth in 7 weeks-ish.

Okay, I really like that neighbor woman Cassie.  She seems really accommodating and really into Dexter.  I wonder what the writer has plans with her- is she going to be Dexter’s ticket to stop killing?  Start a new life with someone normal?  Or is she going to turn out some sort of villain?  Only time will tell.



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