The Wolverine Review


Now this is the Wolverine movie we’ve been waiting for.

2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine was so bad, I don’t have much hope for this movie.  However, it was wrong for me to feel this way as The Wolverine is a great movie and sequel to the X-Men franchise.

The movie picks up years later after the event of X-Men: The Last Stand.  Logan feels guilty for killing Jean Grey, and he has been hiding in mountains ever since until he was found by Yukio-  Yashida’s envoy.  It turns out Logan rescued Yashida from nuclear blast during World War II, and now he wants to repay him by transferring his mutant “curse” to others.  This should be a red herring already.  Anyway, Logan ends up having to protect Yashida’s granddaughter- Mariko from Yakuza and other dangers without his power.

The movie is wonderful.  It has action, story and characters we cared for.  It is essentially Wolverine’s journey to redemption, as he carries the guilt of killing Jean and haunted by it every night.  His trip to Japan is the perfect opportunity he needs to redeem himself, and man, did he redeem himself!  He starts the film a loner haunted by ghosts, but he walks out the film as a man full of hope.  The movie is a great character piece, and it allows us to be in love with Wolverine all over again.

Also, it’s great to see Famke Janssen as Jean Grey again.  She’s a great actress, and I really miss seeing her in X-Men films.

There are some characters that really stand out in this film, and Yukio is one of them.  I have to say though, I don’t really like the character at first, but Rila Fukushima does a wonderful job portraying this character, there’s no way I can’t fall in love with her eventually.  The character is cool and loyal to her friends.  Most importantly, she’s a skillful swordsman and that’s totally kick-ass.

Now the actor that deserves more is Hiroyuki Sanada.  The guy is basically a Japanese legend by now, and he deserves a bigger role in the film.

The movie has wonderful action sequences, and it satisfies every superhero movie fans out there.  The most breath taking scene has to be the bullet train fighting scene.  That’s one of the most exciting thing I’ve ever seen, and it has me by the edge of the seat the whole time.


Meanwhile, I found the villain Viper very boring.  She seems like she has a lot of potential, but the movie makes her too one-pointed.  She doesn’t have characters, and it’s also unclear what she really wants in the whole ordeal.  It’s another shame of this otherwise great Wolverine movie.

The final act, however, is a little silly.  The fights are overall great and exciting, but the fact the the Adamantium sword can only be activated when Logan holds it with two hands just doesn’t make sense.  How can the Silver Samurai do it without two hand, but Wolverine can’t?  Also, the way Silver Samurai absorbs Wolverine’s power just doesn’t make sense.  But that’s the comic geek in me talking, and not movie geek.

Overall, it turns out The Wolverine is a great superhero movie, and it redeems the mistakes X-Men Origins: Wolverine made over 4 years ago.  Hugh Jackman still plays the character well after all these years, and can’t wait to see Wolverine’s next adventure.

Also, don’t be too eager to leave the theater when credit rolls.  There’s a small mid-credit scene that teases what’s to come for next year’s X-Men: Days of Future Past.



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  1. seems like a a good time to start drawing some claw-endowed fanArt~
    “Beserker Barrage!!” >[:)



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