Robot Chicken DC Comics Special Blu-ray Review


The funniest Robot Chicken special just yet.

Robot Chicken has always been one of the funniest show on television, and it has done some specials with other franchises such as Star Wars.  However, it wasn’t until DC Comics Specials that Robot Chicken let us know just how funny it can be.

While majority of the show is just like every other episodes of Robot Chicken with funny sketches one after another.  However, the special is essentially Aquaman’s underdog story and how he tries to find respect within the Justice League.  While the special continues to make fun of Aquaman, it does successfully make him seem like a more trustworthy character.  It makes sense since Geoff Johns supervised the whole creation process, and he’s really aiming to make Aquaman a serious character.

Not only does the special have some really funny jokes, it also pokes fun of a lot of silly things in the world of DC comics.  For example, why does Superman has such ridiculous power to make others forget by kissing them?  This is a question the many fans being asking, and the special is not afraid to poke fun of it.  Also, the scene where Lois asking “Why would that be one of your powers?” And Superman mimics back is just hilarious!

One of my favorite sketch is where Sinestro is trying to shave his mustache, and Mirror Master and The Riddler are there to cheer him up.  Mirror Master delivers one of the funniest line ever.  The joke is a little too racy for the site, so I’m not going to write it out here.  Go check it out if you can.

The Blu-ray has a lot of wonderful feature including the Chicken Nuggets- a feature where viewers can see what producer Seth Green, Matthew Senreich and Geoff Johns has to talk about the particular segments.  It’s interesting because it allows viewers to understand better what the creators were thinking during each processes.  Also, the extra gives you deleted animation.  I strongly suggest you check this out, because there are some good animation they deleted and it’s a pity we’re not going to see them make into animation.

The Blu-ray is a good buy and it comes with a lot of great special features.  However, if you’re not a fan of special features, the show itself is still good enough and it’s always another enjoyment watching it in high-definition.




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