Comic Review 7-31-2013

Batman Incorporated issue 13, Detective Comics Annual #2 and One Piece chapter 716.


Batman Incorporated issue 13.  The final issue of Morrison’s run on Batman, and it’s definitely a series that I’m going to miss.  The series brings us a lot of new elements to Batman’s mythos and most importantly the idea that there can be a Batman for each nations.  Now everything comes to an end, let’s see what how everything concluded.

The final battle between Talia and Batman is very well written.  You can really see Batman’s struggle to fight the woman he once loved and had a child together.  He doesn’t want to fight Talia and he’s getting defeated.  Also, it makes perfect sense to have Jason appears in the battle as Talia did save him once and it wraps things up perfectly.  However, the fight ends anti-climatically when the original Kathy Kane appears out of no where and shoots Talia in the head.  What the heck, Morrison?  I think that’s a little too messy for an ending, don’t you think?  Also, I didn’t know the original Kathy Kane is still around in the New 52.  I wonder how Kate Kane feels about having another character with similar name walking around.

Mentioning New 52, I always like/dislike that Batman Incorporated seems to exist outside of New 52 continuity.  Kathy Kane seems to only exist within the series, and I hardly doubt that we will see her again.  However, this issue we have our first mention of something about New 52- the Zero Year.  It seems kind of a stretch, and I would prefer if the series contains itself in its own world.

As the story comes to an end, Morrison also gives us the possibility of future storylines with the clone Damian babies.  We will see what Morrison has planned for us in the future, and let’s not forget there’s another special issue next month.



Detective Comics Annual #2.  This is what I want when I’m reading annual issues.  I want to see standalone stories that has nothing to do with current storyline and just gives us awesome stories.

Jane Doe makes an appearance in New 52 for the first time, and it’s awesome to see her again.  I still remember the last time I see her was back in Arkham Asylum: Living Hell, a wonderful mini-series and one of my personal favorite.  It’s good to see her again, but her power is out of control now.  The New 52 version kind of make her power too supernatural and I don’t know how I feel about it.

It’s good to see that Harvey Bullock gets the spotlight he deserved.  However, I just hope the main story has more focus on Harvey’s emotional side, and not rely on the back-ups.  This said, the back-ups are awesome, but I hope the artists have more communications with each others.  In the original story Harvey was tied up before a flat-screen TV, but the back-ups he’s tied up before an old, traditional TV.  I know it’s just a small detail, but it bugs me.



One Piece chapter 716 “Don Chinjao.”  You guys heard the news yet?  It turns out that Eiichiro Oda is worried about his health, and he’s afraid that he cannot finish the series before his health gives in.  I hope that never happens, and that’s pray the best for Oda Sensei.

This chapter is once again all about the fights in for Section C.  The warriors clashes, and only Luffy and Chinjao stand.  All the contestants come and go, and it’s hard to remember or care who’s who.  One cool things is that it’s revealed that Kelly Funk ate the Jake Jake no Mi, and he can become a jacket for others to wear.  What an interesting, and disgusting ability!  Other than that, nothing much in this chapter but the mentions of Jinbe, Ivankov and other prison escapees.

The chapter ends with Luffy and Chinjao knocking out ever other contestants of Section C.  Only two contestants left, and we shall see who victors next week.

It’s Luffy.



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