SDCC Exclusive Breaking Bad Walter White in Hazmat Suit Figure Review

Exclusive 1 out of 3

I didn’t go to SDCC this year, but I did manage to get some exclusive figures from the convention:


I’m going to review them one by one now.  First off, The Breaking Bad Walter White in Hazmat Suit.


The figure comes with a neat little Los Pollos Hermanos package.  Even the box is worth collecting.


The internal box is awesome too.  Did you notice the fly on the upper right corner?  Only a true Breaking Bad fan can appreciate that fly.


Look how realistic the facial feature is!  However, my only problem is that the limbs have no articulation points at all.


The glasses are kind of problematic.  It’s very soft, and easily bendable.  It falls off Walt’s face easily, and it feels like it’s going to break right away.  I recommend you to just leave it on Walt’s face.


The beaker and gallons that Walt needs to make his famous blue meth.  The 55 gallon chemical drum is a good touch.


The homemade flyswatter is pretty cool.


And that’s all that come with the package.  Other than the realistic facial feature, the figure really isn’t that great.  The lack of articulation means that Walt can’t make many poses, and he can only stand there like a stiff.  However, for the first Breaking Bad ever released, this is a pretty decent figure already.  I strongly recommend it to all Breaking Bad fans.



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