SDCC Exclusive The Walking Dead Riot Gear Governor Review

Exclusive 3 out of 3

The last exclusive I’m reviewing it’s the special Walking Dead Riot Gear Governor:


The figure is based on The Governor’s appearance in issue 42 where he orders his people to kill every single person in the prison.



The figure comes with Michonne’s katana.  It’s bloody because The Governor uses it o kill Tyreese in the comic series.


The chopped arm of The Governor looks awesome.



The figure also comes with a megaphone for The Governor to yell at the members inside the prison.

However, I can’t help it but feel that the figure is kind of cheap.  The head is the same mold as the Governor figure released in series 2 of comic series and the body is the same as Glenn’s.


Yep, it’s exactly the same mold.  At least they gives it extra paint to make it looks more bloody than Glenn’s.  Other than that, shame of you for being lazy McFarlane Toys.


ps. I’m getting both Dexter exclusive tine tote and special edition S.H. Figuarts Piccolo, both SDCC exclusive.  Also, the Back to the Future lego that’s first on sale in SDCC is shipping out to me already.  I will for sure to review those as well.  See?  You don’t need to go to SDCC to get all the exclusives.


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