Turbo Review


A kid’s movie that has plenty of hits and misses.

Turbo is a perfect movie for kids.  It has jokes, actions and plenty of silly moments that kids will love.  While I’m not saying adults will hate the movie, but there are clearly some flaws that only adults will notice.

The movie is about a garden snail named Turbo and his dream to become fast.  While other snails are busy doing their snail business, Turbo dreams to be different, he dreams to be a race care driver.  One night, when away from home, Turbo somehow becomes fast in a very cartoony explanation and picked up by a man who happened to race snails.  Yeah, we all know someone who race snails in our life.  Anyway, Turbo somehow convince this man to enter him into Indi 500 so he can compete against other race car and his hero.  Children’s movies make the perfect sense.  The lesson of the movie is clear and simple: don’t ever settle down for what you are, and you should always follow your dream and accomplish what you want.  Typical.

For a movie about speed, Turbo is surprisingly stall.  The opening act takes forever and redundant scenarios just to cross a point- Turbo is slow.  I mean, do they really need to tell us how slow Turbo is?  He’s a snail for crying out loud!  I think by definition we already know that he’s really slow.  However, once the point is crossed, the movie continues to have scenes that don’t matter to the movie.  There’s a scene where Turbo races with other snail to reach the star on the top of the sign, and it turns out skill is not everything as the other snails are able to touch the star, but Turbo can’t.  I find this scene very distracting and pointless to the overall plot.  It makes me feel like the movie is about these snails competing each others, but it turns out they just schooled Turbo for no reason at all.  Turbo is not angry, and he doesn’t want rematch.  But somehow he still gets the respect he needed with these snails.  Okay…

Also mentioning distracting, the music choices for this movie is very obvious.  While I have nothing against late 80s/early 90s hip-pop music, some of the music choices are pretty bad.  It gets in the way of the overall enjoyment of the film, and can be quite annoying.

Despite the above negativity, the movie has some great moments.  There are a lot of jokes that works great, and I was laughing throughout the movie.  There’re also a lot of great, exciting moments in the film as well.  Even though the movie seems very familiar to other films we’ve seen already, the movie is still entertaining enough to have a good time.

While Turbo might not be the best animated film for the summer, it’s still worth the money when you have nothing to do and want to kill an hour and half.



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