Dexter “A Little Reflection” Review


What’s going on Dexter?

The best part of the episode is the last minute where Hannah.  It’s a 58 minutes show, and the best part is the final one minute?  Yeah, it can’t be a very good episode.

So Hannah makes a return at the final minute of the episode and she drugged both Dexter and Deb.  I have always been a fan of Hannah’s, but her re-appearance at the end of the episode is cheesy.  Appear out of no where just to knock both Dexter and Deb out?  I wonder what that is ever going to achieve.

The guess of the final season continues.  At first we all thought that The Brain Surgeon is going to be the main story of this season, but now we have all these Zach Hamilton stories.  I really don’t like the idea that Dexter is taking Zach in as a prodigy.  While Zach has proven to be a more interesting character by revealing that he’s actually targeting to kill his father, he is still pretty douchey for my taste.  Overall, this entire Dexter’s new prodigy seems too familiar with Miguel from season 3, and Lumen from season 5.  Also, isn’t there an alligator kid from season 1 who is kind of similar to Zach now?  That turns out to be a disaster, and why is this one going to be any different?  Oh man, I really hope that Dexter ends up killing Zach and maybe Vogel.  If Zach really becomes the “new Dexter” or anything like that I will be super pissed.


It seems like the show has really moved on from the Brain Surgeon story.  I still don’t believe that Yates is the real Brain Surgeon, and I hope something will surface later in the season.  I might sound like a broken record by now, but I still think Vogel is the main villain that Dexter has to kill by the end of the series.  Oh man, this is my last chance with this series, and I hope i guess this one right.

Now Let’s move on to some bizarre, and interesting team-up between Dexter and Quinn.  For the first time, Quinn actually requests Dexter for help as he’s finally taking his sergeant job seriously.  It turns out that Batista didn’t give Quinn’s the job, and his reason is because of Nadia from last season.  It’s good to see that Quinn is devastated by the news, and it does make him a more likable character.  He really wants the job now, and he hopes by solving the case he can win back the sergeant position.  It also gives us the funny scene where Dexter and Quinn have to work together.

I really have no idea why bother having Cassie around at all just to make her the most annoying character in the world.  The whole dating scene where she keeps on asking what Dexter is passionate about is annoying.  It’s almost like she’s forcing Dexter to yell “Killing!  Okay?  bitch!  Killing is what I’m passionate about!”  You know what the worst thing is?  After giving Dexter all the hard time, her self-admitted passion is eating.  This motherfucking bitch!

It seems like Debra and Elway’s relationship is going a little strange now.  I never really like Debra’s story, and now it’s just got too soap opera for me.  Elway has feelings for Deb, and he’s willing to be stupid about it like punching others.  What’s up with Debra attracting the biggest douchebag ever?  Can she die by the end of the series too?

One thing that’s going to be a problem is the bloody dog plushie.  I didn’t see it coming that little Harrison hid the toy, and it definitely going to come back and bite Dexter is the butt.  However, I think it would be a better choice if the bloody dog was revealed later in the season, and maybe discovered by someone else.

Now that Hannah returns, hopefully the rest of the show will be better again.



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