Comic Review 8-07-2013

All-New X-Men issue 15, Green Lantern issue 23 and One Piece chapter 717.


All-New X-Men issue 15.  This is one of those “break” issue that’s stand-alone from the rest of the series.  While All-New X-Men has been great with mixing jokes into serious moments, it’s great to have an issue like this that takes a break from the big problems.  Besides, it seems like the series will enter Battle of the Atom starting next issue, so it’s good to see these kids taking a break.

This issue we have Iceman and Cyclops hanging out, and Jean Grey hanging out with Beast.  While everything is all joke and fun, I can’t help but feel familiar.  Bobby and Scott talking to girls about their true identities, saving the day without consequences…etc, these are all just typical superhero stories.  I was hoping something more interesting out of their little adventure.

Jean Grey and Beast’s scenes are a little too creepy for my taste.  I know he didn’t do anything, but looking at a young girl and thinking how you used to love her is kind of weird.  However, I’m interested in seeing Jean ends up with Henry (younger version).  I wonder if she’s doing this because she really has feelings for Henry, or she’s doing it just to piss off Scott.

Also, the entire joke with Wolverine’s vehicles being stolen is getting old already.  We know he has good cars, but people like to steal them okay?




Green Lantern issue 23.  The new writer does a wonderful job with the series, and it continues to show in this issue.  I really like seeing Hal as the leader of the corp, and this issue addresses the situation furthermore.  It turns out that while Hal is the new leader of the corp, it’s possible that not everyone in the corp knows about it yet.  He struggles to be a better leader, and takes care of the new recruits.  It’s a bumpy road for leader Hal, but it’s definitely a fun ride.

I didn’t read the New Guardians, so I don’t know what’s going on over there.  But it seems like Relic is causing chaos over there already.  My only problem is hoping to see Relic first in the Green Lantern title.  The story is not taking a break next month for Villain Month, so we’re for sure to see Relic and Hal face-off next month.

The new characters introduced are all fascinating as well.  From the new villain Nol-Anj, to the new recruits with numbers for a name, the “new” series is very promising and I have very high hope for it.



One Piece chapter 717 “The Forgotten of Dressrosa.”  Finally!  the chapter with answers.  It seems like this is what Oda like to do know these days: a few chapter of pure fighting, and a chapter of answers/stories to keep us intrigue.  Pretty sneak, Oda.

Anyway, we finally learn what the deal with all the toys in Dressrosa.  It turns out that all toys in Dressrosa are originally humans turned into toys by a Devil Fruit person working under Doflamingo.  It’s kind of a thing where people been speculation already, but it’s always good to have an actual confirmation from Oda.  Also, for some reason, people tend to forget who these toys originally were.  I’m guessing it has something to do with Doflamingo’s men again.  And I’m guessing it’s this one:


What makes me say that?  I don’t know.  It’s just a sixth sense.

We also learned where the Smiley Factory located.  It’s right beneath the Colosseum.  I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that none of the contestant from the previous fights have come out of the Colosseum.  Maybe there are more secrets to the factory than we know…

Anyway a great chapter where some questions are answered.  Hopefully Oda will answer more questions next week and some actual story progression.



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