Breaking Bad “Blood Money” Review


Your ready for the end?

The first of the final episodes of Breaking Bad begins now, and it definitely delivers as we anticipated.  This episode begins like how the season started, we flash-forward to the future and see that after purchasing the guns, Walter stops by the abandoned White house and sees HEISENBERG spray-painted in it.  Kids skateboarding at the drained pool outside and he is there to retreat the ricin.  The tearser ends when Walt sees his old neighbor, and calls out “Hello, Carol.”  Man!  Was that a good opening or what?  Breaking Bad is back and is like it never left.

The main question since the end of last year’s finale is how will Hank react to his discovery.  It turns out Hanks reacts the best he can by not freaking out at the party, but by driving into someone’s front yard.  I figure it’s going to like this anyway, and maybe for most of the remaining series he is going to find enough evidence to confront Walt.  It tuns out I was wrong, and the confrontation comes really early.  While Breaking Bad is usually best at conversations between Walt and other characters, the scene between Hank and Walt is at its best with actions.  The last line Walt throws at Hank “If you don’t know who I am, then maybe your best course would be to tread lightly” is one of the most chilling moment in the entire series.  Totally tops last year when Walt asked the guy to “Say my name?”

Other than the punches, the scene is great for many different reasons.  While it might not be the smartest thing for Walt to show Hank the GPS tracker, but it works out perfectly as Walt lets Hank knows that there’s nothing he can do to him.  Walt knows everyone one of Hank’s tricks, and with his cancer coming back, he won’t be put behind bars either.  Walt won this round, but I wonder how the family is going to react to the two not talking to each others suddenly.

Outside of the final scene, the episode has a lot of great moments.  It’s great to see that Walt and Skyler are finally agreeing to be civilized and run the car wash together.  Skyler is really comfortable with her role now, that when Walt revealed Lydia is his former work associate, she feels brave enough to tell her not to come back again.  Lydia is for sure not going to back down that easily, and I’m worry what she will do for what she wants.  She’s the type that gets scared easily, and do the unexpected next.

Jesse’s arc is his redemption form all the deaths, drugs and other things that happened.  He doesn’t want the money anymore, and he can’t get rid of them.  We all know that he’s a good kid deep down inside, and things really turn worse for him when he partnered up with Walt.  The end of the series is most likely the redemption of Jesse, and he fully deserves be the person that kill Walt.  But at this moment is everyone’s guess on how the show’s going to end.

This is a wonderful start for the beginning of the end, and it keeps all the elements of what we always love about Breaking Bad.  The episode gives us an idea what the rest of the series is about, and it gives us hope.

Can’t wait to see what’s in store next.



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