Dexter “Dress Code” Review


Hannah is back, and sexy as ever!

Hannah is back and it’s super excited!  While “Dress Code” might not be the Dexter episode I’ve been expecting for a final season, but Yvonne Strahovski’s return does improve the recently staled series.  I’m a big Hanna fan, and I’m going to praise her a lot.  I know there are a lot of Hannah haters out there, and if you’re one of them, sorry for the disagreement.

However, I do find Hannah’s introduction back to the series kind of stupid.  She drugs both Dexter and Debra just to leave Dexter in the middle of no where and does nothing to him.  Her reason?  She remembers how much she loves him, and can’t seem to harm him.  That’s the stupidest thing I have ever heard, and I found the writers lazy and just want to give her a dramatic introduction without knowing how to clean up their act.  Hannah returns with a new husband, Miles, and he turns out to be a psychotic control freak.  The character is very dangerous and powerful, he almost reminds me of Issak from last season.  Even though the character is full of promises, he exits the show by the end of the episode already.  Hannah killed him after he attacked her, and I can’t believe he died so quickly.  Also, I don’t even know how Hannah is planning on cover the story from Miles people.  He is an important people, I remind you, and there are most likely guards or business associates going to look for him.

While I love Hannah, and think she’s perfect for Dexter, I can’t help it but feel that she’s probably just using Dexter.  It seems like she’s sick and tired of her husband already, and she’s just using Dexter to get rid of him.  I hope this is not the case, but with the messy way these two are dealing with the  aftermath of Miles’ death, it seems like Hannah is planning on to disappear again.  But you can’t blame Dexter though, how can you resist Hannah?


Say no to this, I dare you!

So it seems like the Zach story is not going to work out anymore.  Good, cause I don’t think it’s a good idea anyway.  The producers of Dexter has been talking about a spin-off series, and can you imagine a series based on Zach?  That would be ridiculous.  Seeing Zach going around killing people and being rich is not something that interested me at all.  I got to admit though, the scene where Dexter and Zach are hunting down Hannah in a club is pretty nice.  Batman and Robin kind of nice.  Jason Todd Robin though.  Anyway, I hope Vogel will change her tones after knowing what Zach has done, and allows Dexter to kill him.

Poor Cassie.  Despite all the weird things about liking guys who’re unavailable, she’s still a pretty cool neighbor.  An innocent bystander got killed just for knowing Dexter.

Masuka’s story with his daughter takes another step forward as he found out that she works in a topless restaurant, or “breastaurant” as he called it.  While I still don’t understand what Nikki’s deal is yet, I really hope she’s sincere with her father.  Poor Masuka is forced to see his daughter being degraded by other perverted men, and there’s apparently nothing he can do about it.  I just hope Nikki doesn’t end up hurting her father. Masuka is really a good guy, despite all the perverted shit he said.  He deserved a happy ending.

There’s some interested, but bizarre thing going on with Debra’s boss Elway.  He has enough of Debra’s bullshit, and lashes out on her like an asshole.  While I can understand his point of view as a employer, he really needs to chill more.  And of course, since Debra has the track record of liking assholes, she starts to show signs of having feelings for him.  Oh god, Debra, can your story be more soap opera-like?

I do like the scene when Cassie found Debra hiding GPS tracker beneath Dexter’s car though.  Funny how both last night’s Breaking Bad and this episode have similar plots where someone has GPS tracker beneath their cars.  Also, it seems funny how while Debra has the tendency of falling for the wrong guy, and she feels superior enough to give Cassie relationship advice.

Hannah’s re-introduction to the series does bring some kicks to the series, but it’s still not enough for a show in its final season.  This is especially true after watching how great the first final episode of Breaking Bad is.  The show needs to understand that it’s the final season already, and it’s okay to have all hell breaks loose.

Oh, and Quinn is moving in with Jamie.  Can that asshole die already?



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