Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox Review


The end of the original DC Animated Universe.

Flashpoint, as we all know it by now, is the 2011 DC Universe event that ends the original franchise, and opens to the world of New 52.  Despite all the controversial, the story is still really compelling.  The animated film Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox is based on the comic event, and it might even be better than the comic.

Barry Allen (Flash) feels guilty for not able to save his mother from being murdered, so he decides to travel back in time and save her.  However, this little alternation changes the entire course of history.  The world becomes one without many superheroes, and ones they were superhero are now villains.  Batman is Thomas Wayne, Wonder Woman and Aquaman started World War III, and a superhero named Flash never existed.  Knowing how much he screwed up, Barry must travel back in time and stop himself from saving his mother.

The movie is great.  While it follows the original comic really well, it doesn’t have the unnecessary side tracks that a comic series usually has.  The movie goes straight to the point, and focuses on what’s important.  However, it does take away some interesting storylines.  I wonder how clear is it to people that The Joker in this universe is Martha Wayne?  Oh, well.

The only thing that really bugs me is the absent of Element Woman.  She’s a brand new character first introduced during the Flashpoint event, and soon becomes a fan favorite.  While I understand her appearance is not crucial to the story, I was really hoping to hear what her voice would be like.  Also, it would be a great chance for Element Woman to make her anime debut.  It seems like DC misses an opportunity.


One big issue that seems to bother many viewers is the dark, and violence nature of the movie.  People’s head got blown open, arrow shot through the head, a kid got stabbed through the chest and a beheaded Mera.  While most deaths mentioned here are exactly the same as in the comic, watching animated version of them are really gruesome.  Personally, the graphic nature of the film doesn’t really bother me as I found them justifiable.  Just be glad Mera’s eyes are not open like they were in the comic.

While Flash is a wonderful main character, the character that stole the spotlight is Batman.  This version of Batman is really badass, and he doesn’t give a damn about other people.  He throws his villains off the roof, and he wields two pistols like nobody’s business.  He might be more of an ass than the original Batman, but you can still feel the reason behind his actions.

There are many interesting cameos in the movie.  Hal Jordan as a regular pilot, Lex Luthor leads a team that includes Deathstroke, Steve Trevor tries to rescue Lois Lane and Grifter making his feature length debut… etc.  These are just the tip of the iceberg.  While it might be kind of distracting to see all these characters making cameos, I personally find this awesome.  I mean, what’s a DC Universe crossover event without all the character appearances?

Also, look out for a special cameo for Young Justice‘s Kaldur’ahm, Aqualad.  The character first appeared in the animated series, and has been a success ever since.  Can’t wait to see his return to the New 52.

If you’re a fan of DC Comics, you will want to check out this film.  It’s a great film that ends the original DC Animated Universe.  Warner Bros. has already confirmed that the next film will take place in the New 52 Universe and adopt the first event in the Justice League series.  it will be the film to die for.



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