Things I Noticed From DC November 2013 Solicitations


DC released their November solicitations earlier this week.  It’s a little late, but here are things I noticed:

  • Zero Year Event everywhere: Many titles are having Zero Year tie-ins.  Actions Comics, Batgirl, NightWing, Flash, Green Lantern Corps and many more.  Hopefully this will clear some things from last year’s zero issue and goes deeper with these characters’ past.
  • Harley Quinn is Zero issue: The first issue debuting this month is actually a zero issue as well.  I don’t know what I think about that, but if it can go deeper with Harley’s history then I guess it’s okay.
  • A new Toy Master in town: It seems like there will be a new Toy Master who creates deadly video games.  Way to keep up with the current evens DC!
  • Forever Evil stronger than ever: Justice League, Suicide Squad and Teen Titan all have direct tie-ins to the event.  It’s especially haunting to see Nightwing has to outrun Ultraman in Justice League title.
  • Batman and Carrie Kelly:  So Batman is going to team up with Carrie Kelly now.  It’s starting to seen that she might be the new Robin.  It might seem like that right now, but we will never know.  This is the part 2 of 5 event, and we won’t know what’s on the other side of it just yet.
  • Aquaman’ beard is back: Enough said.

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