Breaking Bad “Buried” Review


Tread lightly.

The final episodes of Breaking Bad continue to deliver and we’re treated with another explosive episode.  This episode picks up right after the confrontation between Walt and Hank, and both are desperately trying to reach Skylar.  While it might be a close race, it’s Hank who manages to get a hold of the poor (?) woman.

Breaking Bad is one of the very few shows out there that’s great with dialogue scenes, and the one between Skylar and Hank is the key to the episode.  Hank has enough pieces to put together of what’s been happening, and he’s asking Skylar to cooperate.  However, Skylar is not stupid.  She knows that there’s no way she’s going to be safe out of the situation, so she decides to lawyer up.  With yelling “Am I under arrest?” and scares Hank off momentarily- she doesn’t need to follow him if she’s not arrested.  Anna Gunn does a wonderful job portraying Skylar in the scene, and I almost forgot why I hated her so much in the past seasons.  Also, the scene is so wonderfully written that you can really feel Hank’s effort in turning Skylar against Walt, and Skylar’s fear and confusion.

For the majority of the episode, Walt’s trying to bury his barrel and barrel of money somewhere out in desert.  He even disguises the location to the money as lotto number.  While it might be a smart move, it’s not going to work well if Hank leads a team to search his house: If Walt is that rich, why does he need to buy lotto?  Anyway, Walt still claims that the money is for his family, but I can’t help it but wonder if that’s still the case for a long time now.  Sure, the whole drug business begins as a way to keep his family afloat if he ever succumbs to cancer.  But there’s no way that’s the case anymore.  Everything Walt does now is for himself only.  If he really cares about his family as he claimed, then how come he hasn’t told Skylar about the lotto ticket yet?

Walt just doesn’t trust her anymore, and he wants to keep the money as his back-up plan.  The money is how we see Walt still able to afford himself in the flashfoward.  He hasn’t told anyone about the money yet, and he probably even sold Skylar out by this point already.

While it’s great to see Skylar agreeing to stay by Walt’s side, I found it unbelievable.  Skylar has hated Walt for the longest time, and now we’re supposed to believe that she’s agreeing to be the supportive wife all of the sudden?  Unless Skylar has bigger reason to be on Walt’s side, such as the money, I call the sudden changed of heart bullshit.

Oh, and where the heck is Walt Jr.?  How are the adults going to explain the sudden distant and awkwardness between the White family and Hank family?

Also, I don’t care about Marie anymore, both sisters are really annoying.  And good job on trying to take the baby away from Skylar.  Now there’s no way Skylar will cooperate with Hank willingly.

Another great story this episode comes from Lydia.  She offers Declan a chance to increase the purity of their products, but he refused.  Now that Todd and his uncle’s men killed Declan and every single one of his men, Lydia is free to make the product just the way she wants it.

Lydia really is a wonderfully written character.  She has all the qualities that make her stand out from the drug world, but she’s really a conniving bitch that would do anything to get what she wants.  I called it in my review last week that she’s not going to let things go that easily and I’m glad I was right.  She does all these just so she can increase 8% on their product, imagine what she would do if she finds out that Walt has a DEA relative, and such relative already finds out his secrets.

Also, it’s great to see Todd back.  I really like that cold-blooded motherfucker.


Cold-blooded bitch

Jesse doesn’t have much role at all this episode, but he is getting really, really close of becoming the key player of the final episodes.  I can see that Hank is going to somehow convince Jesse to rat out on Walt, and he’s going to be our key witness.  Heck, he might even be the person Walt wants to kill in the flashfoward.  Honestly though, I think it’s still too premature to guess what’s going to happen at the end.  As of right now, the possibilities are still endless.

Another wonderful episode and I’m glad someone is talking their final season seriously.  Before I go, we have to laugh at the scene where Huell and Kuby are lying on the money pile.  The whole scene is light-hearted with some jokes.  If you didn’t laugh, then you suck.




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