Dexter “Are We There Yet?” Review


No, we’re not.

Let’s stop pretending we care about other stories, and go straight to the interesting parts of the episode- Cassie’s murderer and Zach’s death.

The way the previous episode left off, I was sure that Zach is going to bite the dust this episode.  I’m really surprised that he’s not the murderer and even framed.  It turns out that Zach is actually a good student, and we’re seeing him in a whole different light this episode.  In fact, I might even like him a little better now for crying out loud.  I’m pretty sure that Dexter feels the same way too when he finds out that Zach has been following the code really well, and all he needs is a little more guidance.  However, not well enough to see him as the main character as our potential spin-off series.  It turns out that Showtime is smart enough to see a stupid idea, and Zach is murdered by no other than the BRAIN SURGEON!  I called it bitches!  I know that the entire Brain Surgeon story is not over yet- there’s no way Yates fits the MO.

Now the problem is who’s the real Brain Surgeon.  The ending sequences have a strange shot of Vogel checking out a piece of brain.  Are we supposed to believe she’s the Brain Surgeon, or it’s like how I always believed: Vogel is working with the real Brain Surgeon to do experiment and see how far they can push Dexter, the seemingly in control psychopath, before he snaps.  So while Vogel didn’t actually do the killings, she is the real Brain Surgeon behinds all the murders.

We find out that Zach is actually framed for Cassie’s murder, and now the question is, who would want to frame Zach?  Before we go crazy with the murderer, and yes, it will get crazy, let’s talk about the motive.  The obvious one here is to help Quinn finding the killer.  While Quinn is an obvious choice, can Jamie be the one that killed her friend so her boyfriend will get the job?  I know it’s a crazy choice, but after the scene where Dexter and others are looking at the crime scene photo, we jump straight to Jamie cooking at Batista’s house.  The transition isn’t natural at all, but only to suggest that Jamie might be the killer.  It’s a far, far reach, but it’s not impossible.  It’s only a matter of time before we find out, and I’m sure the answer while shock us.  But all honest, I still think Quinn is the better choice here.

Now we got all the big stories out of the way, let’s talk about the small ones.  Nikki is becoming more and more bizarre after each episode, and I have no idea where that story is going at all.  It might just turn out that Masuka is our spin-off character, and that’s where we get a closure between him and his daughter.  Deb wants to go back to the force.  Good for her.  But I wonder how Elway is going to take the news.  He’s pretty cool early in the season, but the guy is becoming more and more unstable.  I’m sure he’s not going to let Deb go that easily, and the problem is what he’s going to do to prevent her.

Before I end the review, I want to talk about how much I love and hate the dinner scene.  The characters are like some bizarre and dysfunctional family where Vogel is the mom, Dexter the son, Hannah the daughter-in-law and Zach is the grandson.  Dexter’s entire journey is he wants to be normal, and he wants a family where he belongs.  Maybe what we’re seeing here is the perfect substitute for what he’s looking for, even though Hannah is the only person I agree in the roles I mentioned above.  Maybe the ending of the series won’t be Dexter on the death row, but he finally becomes “normal” once and for all with the ones he loved.

“Are We There Yet?” isn’t the best episode of the season or the most action-packed.  But it finally gives us the answer to what the remaining of the series is about.



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