Comic Review 8-21-2013

Justice League Dark issue 23, One Piece Chapter 718, and X-Men issue 4.


Justice League Dark issue 23.  One of my biggest problem with the Trinity War event is the story pacing.  I found the pacing too quick, and hard to follow why individual characters’ reasons of actions.  However, the story overall is really fun to read regardless and it is still shaping up to be a great event.  What can I say, I’m a sucker for group events.

This issue picks up where we left off, and everyone is fighting for Pandora’s Box in Luther’s cell.  While everyone is going crazy for the box, it’s Shazam’s disturbance with the magic force that really takes things to a different page.  It turns out once Shazam touches the Pandora’s Box, he will send out a disturbance force to all magical beings around the world, and there include Earth 2 and Gemworld.  Also, Shazam’s outfit turns black like Black Adam’s upon touching the box as well.  Maybe Pandora was right, Billy Baston is not the right choice for the Champion of Magic.

The true hero this issue is Zatanna, and it’s great to see how she’s so resourceful in this event.  She does anything she can to prevent the box from taken by other heroes, and she’s the only one reaming while others are all corrupted by the box already.  I always like Zatanna, and it’s really great to see the writer feel that same way too, making her the hero of the issue.

The final word where Xanadu mentioning a “gateway to the different world” is obvious now since we already know the re-appearance of Crime Syndicate of America coming from Earth 3.  That’s a shame, really.  Anyway, everything ends next issue we shall find out how all heroes are supposed to “die.”



One Piece chapter 718 “The Riku Royal Army in the Flower Fields.”  This chapter is the preparation kind where the characters are getting ready for the big war that’s to come.  Usopp and Robin are accompanied by Little People to Dressrosa, and we get to see the unique culture of Little People.  This is one of the thing I really like One Piece about that the world has all different culture and characters that really attracts readers and asking for more.

Also, it turns out Little People can eat Devil Fruit too.  That’s pretty cool.

Franky and Zoro are at the Flower Fields already with the Rebel Army.  It’s interesting to see that the Rebel Army consists of toy and Little People.  The army wants to take down the Dressrosa, and now they have the help of Straw Hat Pirates, they’re going to be stronger than ever.  It’s funny how Usopp claims everyone is the decedent of Noland, and both Zoro and Franky just went with it.

Meanwhile, we get to see what’s up with Nami’s group once again, and confirmed that Jora’s power is Ato Ato no Mi, Art Art Fruit.  She can turn people/objects into art, and at the same time cancel out their attacks.  I wonder how people are supposed to turn against this power?  At the same time, Law is in a desperate situation where he needs Chopper to drive Sunny over and take Caesar over.  Don’t know what’s going on on his side, and why is Doflamingo chasing him without Fujitora, but I hope he will get out of it alive.

The chapter ends with Luffy throwing a punching at Chinjao.  Can that story ends already?



X-Men issue 4.  I always love the kind of the story where we see our heroes in a relaxing type of mood, and this is that issue!  Well, maybe only half of the issue.  While Wolverine and Jubilee are traveling around in SoCal, the remaining all female X-Men team is trying to overcome problems and saving a crushing airplane.

Wolverine and Jubilee’s friendship is always something interesting to dig deeper into with.  He is like a brother/father figure to Jubilee since the beginning, and you can really see how much he cares for her- especially when he bought the house.  Jubilee has grown a lot too since her first introduction, and now she’s a mother you can really feel her maturing mentally.  I only have one question with her being in California- isn’t she a vampire?  How does she manage to walk around in the sun that way?

The X-Men rescue mission goes through the typical leadership issue.  While it might be something we’ve seen too many times, it’s actually pretty interesting for some reason.  I guess Brian Wood is that a good writer.  Rouge is really funny in this issue when she gets too excited over using TK.  A wonderful issue with great characters.

Next issue will be Battle of the Atom already, and I hope the series doesn’t slow down because of it.



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