Plants vs. Zombies 2: It’s About Time Review


Sequel to the most popular game, Plants vs. Zombie 2: It’s About Time is finally here!  The previous game is wonderful, but does the sequel hold up at all?

Just like the previous game, It’s About Time doesn’t really have a story, but just zombies invading your backyard, and you have to enlist an army of plants to stop the invasion.  However, this time you’re not only protecting your backyard in this time, but throughout different ages such as the old Egyptian time or the great pirates era.  It doesn’t matter when you are, the goal stays the same- don’t let the zombies eat your brain.

The sequel keeps the core gameplay of the original game, and it adds many additional elements to improve gameplay. There are more types of zombies this time around, and some can be quite nasty trying to get rid off.  To help you finish the levels easier, the game gives you additional weapons to fight off the horde.  Plant Food is one of these new weapons, and it’s really something.  Feeding Plant Food to your plants will give them a temporary ability boost.  If you give one to a Peashooter, it will increase its bullets and strength.  And if you feed one to a Sunflower, you will get tons of suns in a short period of time.  It’s strategy to see if you rather have more firepower, or place more plants.


In addition to the Plant Food, the game also gives you other Power-Ups to fight the hordes.  The Power-Ups are great, and it can really save your butt during a pinch.  However, this is also where I have the biggest problem with the game.  While the game is initially free to play, you’re given the option to purchase the additional Power-Ups mentioned above.  The purchases are all completely optional, and no one is pointing a gun at your head making you purchase the stuff.  But it’s so hard not to make any purchases!  When I first started playing the game I promise myself I’m not going to buy anything, but the game makes it so easy to access the purchase screen, it’s really tempting.  Especially after a long level of playing, and suddenly you’re about to die.  You’re not going to let your hard work goes to waste, so the only option is to purchase the Power-Ups, and rid those zombies once and for all.

Also, if you want to advance the level quicker, you can done so by spending money as well.  While I’m glad the game is free itself, I’m not happy with the option to spend money to finish the game quicker.  Again, it’s completely optional, but the fact that the developers sneak so many options to do in-game purchases makes the game cheap and nasty.

So tempted

So tempting

Despite the in-game purchases, the game has tons of wonderful contents and hours and hours (even days) of gameplay.  Even when you finish a level already, the game will tweak the levels and give you better, and harder gameplay experiences.  Not to mention the occasional Yeti appearance that gives you more coins upon defeating.

Since the game has a time travel theme to it (it’s about time, you know), the game feature different levels and zombies from across time.  The zombies have unique powers depending on what time period they’re from.  For example, zombies from old Egyptian time have the power to steal suns from players, and zombies from the pirate era have parrots to steal the plants.  These are all great challenges, but I just can’t help and wonder if we’re getting future stages in the future (strange sentence).  For a game about time travel, it only makes sense if we have a chance to fight zombies from the future.  I hope this is not a short-sight from the developers, but an additional content opportunity.

Overall, Plants vs. Zombies 2 is a great game with tons of gameplay values.  It comes with many additional elements to improve the already familiar gameplay, and makes it a brand new experience.  My only problem is the sneaky, but optional in-game purchases.  I’m sure you have stronger will than mine.



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