Breaking Bad “Confessions” Review


You’re a smart one, Mr. Pinkman.

I’m totally blown away.  If this isn’t one of the best written episode ever, then I don’t know what a good episode is anymore.  For the past two episodes, Jesse has been sitting at back row being emo, and now he’s taking matters into his own hands.  He’s not going to let Mr. White push him around anymore, and all he wants is honesty.  Well, it doesn’t matter how Mr. White treated him anymore.  He figures out the truth now, and there’s nothing stopping him to revenge.

We’ve been waiting for this moment ever since we first found out Walt actually poisoned Brock back in season 4 finale.  However, with the recent turn of event, most of us already forgot about the red herring of missing ricin cigarette.  It’s great that the writer brings it back at this moment when we’re just feeling safe from the whole Hank problem.  All of the sudden, we have a whole different situation and it’s not something Walt can get rid off easily.  Walt really has to tell Jesse the whole true, and by then, I’m not even sure things will work out between the two anymore.  Now we finally know what happened to the abandoned White’s house we seen in the flashfoward.

While it might be a happy ending to have Jesse move to Alaska, this is way more satisfying then that.  I always feel that the show should end with Jesse pulling the trigger on Walt, and now we’re getting our chance.  However, Jesse in Deadliest Catch: Alaska Storm does sound pretty cool.

I do have a small problem in believing how Jesse figured out the ricin cigarette was taken.  While it’s a great and powerful moment, it’s too far fetched how he connects the two together.  But hey, like I said, it’s a great moment, so I’m not going to complain about it too much.  Just a little bit.

Poor Saul, I was really expecting Jesse to pull the trigger if it wasn’t for the rumor of that possible Saul spin-off.


The other big thing this episode is the face-off between White and Schrader families.  The two families sit down at a overcrowded restaurant to talk about all the criminal activities is both awkward and awesome.  Walt’s plan to have Hank off his tail once and for all is brilliant!  The video he made has Hank pegged for everything he has ever done, and for some reason is highly believable.  “Jesus Christ, Marie.”  There’s nothing they can do about it anymore especially when he finds out that Walt is the one paying for the medical bill.  At least for now Hank is scared off temporarily.

Dean Norris is such a wonderful actor that I can always “feel” him when he acts.  From “Blood Money” to this episode, I can always feel his anger and confusion and almost forgot that Hank is just a character in a TV show.  I actually feel sick as he stands and watches Walt’s video with despair.

Also, it’s great to see Walt Jr. doing something for once.  He really is the saddest character in the whole show, and one person who deserved to kill Walt other than Jesse.  I dread the day he finds out what his father really is.

Last, let’s talk bout the teaser of this episode.  Todd brags to his uncle about the time he hijacked a train and stole the methionine.  It’s hard for me to figure out what this scene is here for, but I can think of a thing or two.  One is to boost Walter White/Heisenberg as a legend, and two is to show us how unprofessional the new people are.  If Walt’s own hubris is not his downfall, then being involved with these fellows will be.

“Confessions” is the episode we’ve been waiting for, and it puts the remaining series into gears.  While we get an idea how the show might end, how we get there is everyone’s guess.



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