Dexter “Make Your Own Kind of Music” Review


Suspension of disbelief. 


It turns out the Brain Surgeon is Vogel’s son and also Cassie’s boyfriend and her actual murderer.  Are we really supposed to believe that Vogel has a son but never bother to mention?  Okay, and if he’s really Cassie’s murderer then what’s his reason to kill her and frame Zach?  No reason at all, I tell you.  It seems like it would make better sense if he’s framed so Quinn can get the Sergeant job.  So it’s a more logical choice if Jamie or Quinn himself is the murderer.  But then again it would be really unbelievable if one of them turn out to be the murderer.  Suspension of disbelief again.  Ahhhhh, my head hurts.

It turns out I was right(?) with Vogel’s involvement with the Brain Surgeon.  I know she can’t be that clean off from all the murderers.  However, I’m kind of confused with her true alliance with her son.  So is she actually working with her son the whole time, or she just finally reunite with her son for the first time by the end of the episode?  The worst scenario I’m still half right.  I guess.

Before we find out what exactly happened in two weeks (no new episode next week), I still think Vogel is the mastermind.  She keeps on bugging Dexter about how he’s not the perfect psychopath she thought him to be, and it seems like she wants to turn him into that psychopath.  What’s a better way then killing off, or driven away everyone Dexter cares of.  Debra, Hannah, Harrison and even Zach.  Vogel has been bad mouthing most people above, and now Zach is dead.  It’s possible that either Hannah or Debra will be murdered by Brain Surgeon with Vogel’s command just to prove some stupid theory.


Did you know: the song “Make Your Own Kind of Music” has been haunting people since LOST played it back in season 2 (2005).  What’s up with that song being overused in shows but turns out to have no meanings at all?

I really don’t like the approaches the show take this season, and it’s the final season already!  I know it’s not fair to keep comparing this show with others, but Breaking Bad is in its finally season too and it’s much braver at taking chances with their characters.  What are the writers so afraid of?  What kind of mistakes are they going to make that’s irreparable?  I don’t want to say this, but it’s perhaps the worst season Dexter has ever have.

Hannah is definitely Dexter’s happy ending.  But like how I mentioned above, I highly doubt she will actually make it out of the show alive.  Not to mention the whole Argentina thingy the two are planning to escape to.  The two mentioned Argentina too random and too many times in the episode, I just see the whole thing ominous now.  Also, Dexter with his “One more kill and I’m out” statement is not working too well either.

There are many stories here and there that I have no idea where they are going either.  It seems like the whole Masuka story with his daughter is dying down now, but we still have no idea what her deal is.  She first seems like a money digger, but it turns out she doesn’t need her dad’s money even though she works at a topless restaurant, a breastaurant.  And for the past two episodes, she appears and says something silly and walks off.  Are the writers tired of her story already?  Cause I know I’m getting tired of her.

Deb’s boss Elway is turning into a real creeper.  I think he likes Debra right?  But it doesn’t give her excuse to be angry at her the way he does.  This reminds me, didn’t Deb kill someone earlier this season?  If Elway doesn’t back off soon, I can really see Deb snaps and kill him too.

Kenny Johnson is a wonderful actor, and it’s great to see him as the Federal Marshal searching for Hannah.  It provides us some excitement the show needs.

I’m just glad we know where the remaining series is going.



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