Justice League #23 Review


The epic event comes to an end.

So that’s it.  The Trinity War we’ve been waiting for since last year comes to a conclusion, and the result is… mediocre.  The story is interesting, but it feels like a project abandoned by DC for something else for exciting, but they already made a promise to the readers, so they have to do it anyway.  Thus, Trinity War becomes a stepping stone for something else more exciting- Forever Evil.

Unlike the previous issues, this issue focuses more on the story, and we actually get some answers with what’s been happening.  The identity of the small man in the hat, who the traitor is and what’s the real natural of Pandora’s Box…etc.  While it’s obvious that DC makes many changes to their original draft, they still did a pretty good job adding the new information to the event.  I really hope I didn’t read the Crime Syndicate spoiler though, the surprise would be really great.

I have problems with the panels that mirrors the FCBD tease though.  Those panels feel really forced, especially the way they explained how Mera makes an appearance.  We already know that sometime teases are that and nothing more, and it’s okay not to reenact everything we seen.

The final revelation is wonderfully done and it gets us excited for the next event.  The story might turn out to be a big fat tease for Forever Evil, but I still have fun reading it.



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