One Piece Chapter 719 Review


Open Chinjao

The chapter shows us Chinjao’s flashback, and we learn just what exactly Garp has done to Chinjao that makes him so full of hate.  It turns out that Chinjao used to have a head shaped like a drill, and he uses it to break ice to get treasure.  However, Garp flattened the head during a fight 30 years ago, and Chinjao is no longer the same ever since.  He can’t get to the treasure he wants so much, and he’s not as strong anymore.

The remaining chapter focuses on the fight between Luffy (Lucy) and Chinjao.  Nothing too special happens until Luffy punches Chinjao in the head, and somehow give Chinjao his “drill head” back.  It’s great that this happened, cause I can see Chinjao being grateful for Luffy, and decides to help him when necessary.  Luffy has the ability to gain comrades all over the place, and it’s never a bad thing to have new comrade.

The ending has Jesus Burgess noticing who Lucy really is.  I don’t know how this is going to play out next week, but we can be sure some shit is going to hit the fan.

I never really like chapters that only focus on battles, but Oda usually gives us a story-centric chapter right after a battle one, so we know we got something to look forward to next week.



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