Gintama: The Movie: The Final Chapter: Be Forever Yorozuya Review


A possible ending to the Gintama anime franchise.

I’m in Taiwan for vacation right now, and they happen to have the second Gintama movie: Gintama: The Movie: The Final Chapter: Be Forever Yorozuya, playing in theaters, so I decide to watch it.  Gintama is one of my favorite manga series, and a few anime that I actually watch.  I’m also well aware that movies based on anime series are usually pretty bad, but I watch the first Gintama movie before, and it was pretty good, so how bad can this one be?  It turns out just a little bit.  The second Gintama movie might not be as good as the first one, but it is still entertaining enough for fans to enjoy.

The movie has our main character Gintoki travels 5 years into the future where Edo is in a post-apocalypse state.  In the deserted future, Gintoki runs into a mature version of Kagura, Shinpachi and many old friends.   It turns out that there’s a deadly virus called White Curse that kills the major population on Earth, while others fleet to different planets.  Gintoki must find out what causes the deadly White Curse in the first place, and also find out what happened to the future him.

The movie has a major problem of pacing, and I’m not talking about the opening gags.  I watched the first movie before, so I know the movie begins with a series of gags that have viewers dying of waiting for movie to start.  I’m talking about the actual movie here.  The film begins quick, and straight to the point.  We understand what the problem is, and what our main character has to face.  However, half-way through the second act, the movie slows down to a point where I thought I was watching something different.  I know that Japanese films are usually too slow for audiences familiar with Hollywood cinema, but this is way too slow.

Also, even though it’s not a happy ending, I’m good without the unnecessary final act.  While the final act gives us a proper ending, it also confused the story a whole that more.  I was following the plot just fine before the bizarre time travel situation.  The Back to the Future fan inside me is crying.


Shinpachi and Kagura’s new designs are really cool.  However, the designs were abandoned half way through the story because the characters want to look like the old Yorozuya, but then it becomes a waste of perfectly good designs.

The movie is really funny with jokes that work perfectly to the story.  The story is written by manga author Hideaki Sorachi himself, and you can really see his sense of humor all over the film.  It’s great if you’re a hardcore Gintama fan, but might be a little too much for regular movie goers.  And yet, why would you go watch a Gintama movie if you’re not a Gintama fan.

As I stated before, the final act can be kind of unnecessary, but it does offer movie goers a satisfying, and yet hilarious ending.  The Gintama anime series might comes to an end, but it’s good to know that Gintoki and his Yorozuya gang find each others the way they did.  Goodbye, Gintama.  I will see you around in pages of manga.



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