Breaking Bad “Rapid Dog” Review

BB-Episode-512-Main-590 Saul really is full of colorful metaphors.  

As of this episode, a very one-sided partnership we love to hate comes to an end.  It’s obvious that Walt has been using Jesse this whole time, and any reasons he has not to kill him are just lies he tells himself.  Walt is a vicious, cold blooded person.  He will do whatever he can to achieve what he wants, including poisoning a 8 year-old kid.  However, Jesse has always been Walt’s last humane side, a guilt he felt over letting Jane died, and introducing Jesse to the much darker world of drug cartel business.  Now Walt wants Jesse dead (curtsy of Todd’s uncle), he’s giving up everything humane.  The Walt after this will be more ruthless than ever.

Man, only if that menacing looking guy can spot his daughter earlier.

The opening sequences is really never-wrecking.  For some stupid reason, I actually thought that Walt is going to find Jesse dead somewhere in the house.  Maybe out of anger and disappointment for Mr. Walt or something, I don’t know!  I’m stupid.  Also, while Hank picking up Jesse seems like such an obvious answer, I really didn’t see that coming.  The writer does a wonderful job letting us believe Hank is going to retreat for a little bit, and they also let us believe the house is going to burn down with the flashfoward.  A wonderful misdirection, and it has everyone fooled.

Hank is turning more and more desperate by the episodes.  He brings Gomez into his hunt for Walt, and I don’t even think Gomez completely believe Walt is guilty yet.  Look at Hank’when he’s talking about Jesse, it is possible that Gomez believes Walt’s video to be true, and Hank is doing this out of personal hatred for Jesse.  I just hope Hank doesn’t do anything illegal to force the truth out of Walt.

The Lambert sisters are both pretty cool this episode.  Marie plotting on poisoning Walt in front of her therapist is both dark and hilarious in a Breaking Bad kind of way.  She accepts Jesse to sleep in her house is also a way to show how much she hates Walt.  She wants to bring the guy down as much as her husband, and she will do anything in her part to make that happen.

Meanwhile, Skylar is becoming more “chill” with Walt’s situation now.  She sees through Walt’s lies right away, but she doesn’t scream and demand like she used to.  In fact, she just lays on the bed with a drink on her hand, and gives Walt an actually good suggestion.  She’s not the only one, and even Saul uses the Old Yeller metaphor to tell Walt to put Jesse out of his misery.  Now Walt is actually taking these two’s suggestion seriously, but is it too late already?

At my last review, I stated that Walt being involved with Todd’s uncle is going to be his downfall.  Watch, Todd’s uncle is going to failed at killing Jesse, and Hank is going to force information out of the uncle.

Only four more episodes to go.



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