Batman #23.1: Joker Review


A glimpse into Joker’s origins.

This is a rare situation where we get to see Joker’s childhood.  There are a some Joker origin out there before New 52, but this will be the first post-New 52.  I hope the story of Killing Joker is still intact somehow, but I don’t have too much hope.

The story juxtaposition between Joker’s troubled childhood and his adventures with a kidnapped gorilla.  The story goes deeper with Joker’s past, and it gives us reasons for why Joker does some of things he does- he’s not a complete psycho.

The relationship between him and the gorilla mirrors his with his aunt.  However, there’s no deny that Joker probably, actually had feeling for him.  This is one my problem with the story, however.  While it’s great to see Joker deeper as a character, I don’t really believe Joker will show so much emotion.  Maybe it’s because we’ve been seeing Joker really menacing lately that we forgot how he was, I was having really hard time believing this is Joker, and not some impostor.

Despite the maybe impostor Joker, this is what I want from a Villain’s Month title.  We go deeper with the villains and see how the come to be who they’re now.



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