Forever Evil #1 Review


The first New 52 epic event begins.

The end of Trinity War might not be the best, but Forever Evil begins strong.  The world belongs to the Crime Syndicate and they’re recurring all villains to help them out.  The world belongs to them, and no hero is left to stop them.

The issue doesn’t pick up directly from the end of Justice League #23.  However, we are getting hints from left and right with what might happened.  I refused to believe that everyone in the chamber are dead as there are easily 20 people there.  While the guess works are killing me, I do appreciate the narration methods.  Geoff Johns is a great writer.

The first “casualty” is Nightwing.  The poor guy got captured by the Crime Syndicate, and now his identity is revealed to the public.  This is a difficult scene to watch, and I felt violated for Grayson.  This is going to haunt everyone around him for a long while.

I respect David Finch’s art, and I think he’s a great artist.  However, he has the problem of lacking facial emotions on his characters, and it’s clear in this issue.  Also, I have problems with some of the villains in the spread page.  Is that supposed to Black Adam?  Shazam turned evil?  Or a mistake villain Finch decides to add into the spread page?

Also, is Joker really in the crowd wearing someone’s face?

The final panel where Lex Luthro yells for Superman is powerful.  There’s nothing like a villain asking for his archenemy to show how desperate the situation really is.

Anyway, Forever Evil begins strong and hopefully it continues this way.



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