All-New X-Men #16 Review


Battle of the Atom part 2 of 10.

Continue from the previous chapter, the identities of future X-Men are finally revealed.  Another great chapter for Battle of the Atom, and it’s all thanks to Bendis’ writing.

There are some great moments in the chapter.  Bobby, Kitty and Hank’s reaction to see their future selves are hilarious.  Bendis is great at capturing characters’ voices that you can really see the characters coming alive under his writings.

The best moment is when future Jean Grey revealed herself.  This is the same annoying Jean Grey from the past all grown up, right?  You can really see her matured here, it’s almost like seeing the original Jean before us again.  I also like how she kisses Rachel on the cheek here- I almost forgot they’re mother and daughter.

The only part that bothers me is the flashback to what happened to Jean and Scott.  I found the part kind of drags on, and it gets into the main story.

A issue that you don’t want to miss out and can’t wait for what’s happening next.  So glad we get a new chapter next week.



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