Breaking Bad “To Hajilee” Review


What the what, Uncle Jack!

Let’s just go straight to the point: I told you before that Uncle Jack’s going to be Walt’s downfall, and this is the episode that proves me right.  We all know that Walt is slowly becoming Gus, but unlike Gus, Walt would enlist uncertain elements to help him out, something Gus would never do.  This is why Gus tries to get rid of Walt and Jesse before, as they were the uncertain elements.

Jesse tricks Walt to show him where the money is and at the same time, admission to everything he done since the second half of season 4.  While it’s an obvious trap to flush Walt out, he still fell for it.  This shows that Walt, a very careful person, will do stupid things just for money.  Walt tries the same tick earlier on Jesse trying to flush him out with his weakness, but Hank intercepted the phone call.  It’s great that Hank uses the same plan on Walt, and it works beautifully.

It makes me wonder if Jesse would really react accordingly if he gets the phone call.  Also, how dare Walt uses the poor boy again- didn’t he have enough already?

We all see that ending coming.  The moment Walt calls for uncle Jack and gives up, I know they have to enter the god dame cars and just drive away.  I keep on screaming “Drive assholes!  Drive”, but no use.  Hank has to call Marie and all happy and lovey.  This is one of those typical “old cop last day before retiring” thingy, and things don’t look good for Hank at all.  The episode would be great to end when  Walt gives up, but it’s a lot more satisfying watching the shoot out.  It wouldn’t be Breaking Bad without some twists.

Gomez is out of the picture for sure.  There’s no way he will make it out of this one alive.  I have a feeling that either Hank or Jesse is going to bite the dust as well, and Uncle Jack is going to use the survived one as hostage to make Walt cook for him.  Okay, the problem is, which one is going to survive?  Even though this is not something I want, I have a feeling that Hank is going to be the one that survived.  Walt already doesn’t care about Jesse anymore, and I don’t think he is going to be an efficient hostage.  However, Walt still has a soft spot for Hank, thus Hank is going to be the hostage that matters.

This is all guess work.  We will find out what happens next week.

Even though we know Aaron Paul received scripts for the final episode though…

Todd is becoming more and more of a strange character.  He’s very shy and quite, but he’s also revealed to be vicious and cold when necessary.  He’s always a dark version of Jesse, and this episode adds another layer of creepiness to his character with his crush on Lydia.  You know how Todd collects souvenir like the spider in a jar when he killed the young boy?  I have a feeling he is going to do the same for Lydia’ mug.

I also love how he handles a gun.


Saul’s brief appearance in the episode has some great lines.  He pops out, Walt Jr. went all starstruck and he leaves with a great line.  That’s the Saul Goodman we know and love- despite the bruised face.

Poor Huell, he sings like a canary pretty quick.  At least he’s being protected.  Right?

“To Hajilee” is Breaking Bad at its best.  Even though the twist and turn are easily to see them coming, but we don’t care.  It’s a wonderfully written episode, and an ending that has us asking for more.

Three episodes left.



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