Dexter “Goodbye Miami” Review


Not yet.

Dexter is in its final three episodes already, but the show is worst than ever.  It feels like the writers have the ending planned already, and they’re just buying time until they reach there.  Dexter is either going to be with Hannah or not, but the journey is not important anymore.

It’s a shock when Daniel killed Vogel, but it’s not something important to the show overall.  It’s like seeing cousin Oliver getting killed off in Brady Bunch.  So?  I understand what Vogel means o Dexter, I do.  It’s like a mother figure that he never has, but the character is still a new addition to the show that we don’t have enough time to develop feelings for.  Besides, she’s been super annoying for the past episodes, so it doesn’t help me feeling remorse for her death.

Dexter’s actions are questionable in the episode.  He’s desire to kill Daniel is getting dangerous and annoying, and I really think he should just get out of Miami already before it’s too late.  He already has all the evidence to put Daniel behind bars forever, but his little obsession is just annoying by this time.  The show is entering its final episodes, we don’t care about Dexter’s needs for killing anymore.  Dexter also gives notice to Batista and ready to leave Miami anytime now (after killing Daniel, of course).  I don’t understand how he can say goodbye to Deb so easily, especially considering that earlier in the season he claimed that he can’t live without her.  Now that Vogel is dead?  I can see Dexter more motivated to kill Daniel than ever, and at the same time putting Hannah in danger.

Episode 810

Marshal Clayton is hunting down Hannah now, and it would be better if they can get out of Miami as soon as possible.  I don’t see Dexter willing to do that anytime soon, and this is putting a halt onto their happy ending.

Hannah’s story with Harrison is a typical one, but I don’t mind.  Other than to flush Hannah out, the theme also shows how Hannah really changed, and she’s a great mother figure for Harrison.

Deb’s story is as boring as ever.  I don’t care about her having her old job back, and I especially don’t care about Quinn and her.  It’s like watching a disgusting soap opera I didn’t sign up for.  By the way, I refuse to believe Jamie’s story end right here.  I have the feeling that she’s going to kill either Deb or Quinn out of anger.  Yeah, I’m still rooting for a more interesting story out of Jamie.

“Goodbye Miami” gives us a tragic death that fuels Dexter with anger.  It becomes more clear than ever what the goal for the rest of the series is, but it works around a death we don’t really care about.  There’re only 2 episodes left after this, but Dexter doesn’t feel like the show we used to known and loved, but a whole different soap opera we didn’t ask for.



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