The Walking Dead #114 Review


What would Jesus do?The issue picks up where we left off last time, and Rick’s group is about to be executed by Negan and his men.  The situation seems very despair, and there doesn’t seem like a way out.  Of course, things always work out for Rick and Jesus comes to rescue.  Jesus kicks some serious ass, but there’s no way he can fight dozens of man bare handed.  This is when Ezekiel’s tiger jump out of no where and scares Negan and his men away for good.

It’s not like I really want any of our guys to die, but I can’t believe any of Rick’s men make it out of the situation alive.  Not even Nicholas is dead!  The whole scenario is unrealistic, and I don’t buy it at all.  Later, Jesus even asked Rick to be the leader for the alliance, and I don’t understand why.  It’s not like Rick has been portraying wonderful decision and leadership skill lately.  I respect Kirkman as a writer and everything, but I can’t help it but feel that he’s been protecting the main character a little too much- the main character halo.

Anyway, starting next month, The Walking Dead is going to be bi-monthly for six month with All Out War.  I really can’t wait, and hopefully it doesn’t disappoint.



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