Action Comics #23.2: Zod Review


Zod’s enters New 52, stronger than ever.

A great issue that introduces Zod to the world of New 52, and Greg Pak does a wonderful job writing it.  I used to read Action Comics when Grant Morrison is running the business, but I stopped when he did.  Now if this is how things are if Pak is writing the series, then there’s a high chance I will return to it.

The issue not only introducesZod as a soldier on Krypton, it also allows us to see how Zod was like as a child.  He killed his parents and grew up in the jungle all by himself shows how merciless he really is, and how much a threat he can be to the Krypton public.  The issue comes to an all time strong when Zod steps into the Phantom Zone saying “I will always be your monster.”  It’s a strong and chilling moment that makes us looking forward to his return to the present time New 52.

He seems to be watching over Kal-El this whole time, and I wonder how things will be like when he returns.



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