Justice League of America #7.2: Killer Frost Review


Another wonderful issue with character I don’t know nothing about.

Okay, who the heck is Killer Frost?  I never heard of this villain until I played Injustice: Gods Among Us.  I was mad that they add an unknown villain into the roster, and I want Mr. Freeze instead.  However, after using the character, I fall in love with her and I want to know who she is better.  This issue is a wonderful one for readers who want to know Killer Frost’s origins and the character better.

The issue does feature a long, and generic origin story that we’re all a little too familiar with.  However, the key point here is that Killer Frost doesn’t want to be her monster self, and she wants to return to normal.  It turns out that Firestorm is the only person who has the ability to turn her back to her original self, but without him around, Killer Frost loses all hope of being normal again.

It’s an interesting concept that a villain needs the hero more than anything, and I found the final page very powerful.  It’s hard not to care for this villain, and I hope to see her more in future stories.



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