Superman #23.2: Brainiac Review


A closer look at what the New 52 Brainiac is all about.

Brainiac is always one of those villains that I don’t know anything about, but willingly to read more about him.  However, I’m also afraid to read on characters I’m not familiar with.  It turns out this is one of the best story in Villain Month, and I hope Tony Bedard can write all Superman stories.

Brainiac is not a character with the most emotion, and it’s hard to write on a character like this.  However, Bedard manages to give this heartless monster a motive that we care about, and a redemption when he preserved the city his family are currently in.  What I really like about the issue is that it works perfectly into the Brainiac mythos already established in the world of New 52, and nothing is conflicted.

Brainiac hasn’t really face-off Superman yet in New 52.  I can’t wait to see that happen, and when it does, I hope it’s written by Tony Bedard again.



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