X-Men #5 Review


Battle of the Atom part 3 of 10.

The first issue not written by Bendis, and our chance to see how this crossover event unfold in other writer’s hand.  It turns out other writers, such as Brian Wood, can handle what’s already set really well without abrupting the story at all.

Being an X-Men issue, this issue focuses more on the series’ cast and characters.  While the shift of focus might be a problem for some readers, I think Wood does a wonderful job here.  I can really tell that this is an X-Men issue even though it is a continues crossover event.

There are some funny moments in here, too.  Wolverine’s “What did I do,” and Jubilee making the teen X-Men taking care of her baby.  These are all little moments here and there that make this another great book in the X-Men crossover event.

My only problem is what exactly Rachel and Kitty are up to.  I don’t understand what they’re doing, and I hope it was more clear.

Next issue is going to take place in the pages of Uncanny X-Men, and I know they’re going to be great.



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