Comic Review 9-11-2013

Action Comics #23.2, Batman: The Dark Knight #23.2, The Flash #23.2, Justice League of America #7.2, One Piece chapter 721, Superman #23.2, The Walking Dead #114 and X-Men #5

It’s been a busy week, but I finally manage to do the collect post of all the comic reviews this week.  I actually wanted to about 4 more reviews than the ones I have up there, but I don’t have time at all.  Let’s talk about them briefly here:

I don’t really like Aquaman #23.1.  I feel like the story are many seen from other issues already, and this is essentially seeing things from a different point of view.  Nothing really new learned here.

Batman #23.2 is quite interesting.  This is really one of the best Riddler story I have ever read.

I actually like Detective Comics #23.2 with Harley Quinn.  I know a lot of people think this is a bad story, but this issue brings Harley to a whole new level of evil.  She kills bunch of kids for crying out loud.

Earth 2 #15.2 is a disappointment.  I really like Solomon Grundy, and I was hoping to read more about his origins.  Turns out, we get a story with him going crazy killing anyone and nothing about how he turned into the Champion of Grey at all.  A real disappointment.

Now with the reviews done already:


Action Comics #23.2


Batman: The Dark Knight #23.2


The Flash #23.2


Justice League of America #7.2


One Piece Chapter 721


Superman #23.2


The Walking Dead #114 


X-Men #5


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