Breaking Bad “Ozymandias” Review


Somethings are just hard to deal with.

There are things so horrible that you don’t want to face, but you have to eventually.  Here we go:

Hank is dead.

After a teaser that shows Walt cooking up his first lie, we see Gomez dead on the ground.  Even though he was never a big role to the series, but he’s someone we liked since the first episode.  It’s sad to see him go like this, but it’s even worst seeing how Hank bite the dust.  Walt pleads for his life to Uncle Jack, but it’s useless.  “You’re the smartest guy I ever met.  And you’re too stupid to see… He made up his mind 10 minutes ago.”  A great line by Hank, and it ends any doubt viewers have that Hank might make it out alive.  I know it’s idiotic, but I really thought that Uncle Jack will spare Hank for a moment there.  Shows what I know.

Uncle Jack is cold hearted, and the execution is brutal.  However, he’s still nice(?) enough to leave a barrel of cash for Walt.  The guy might be an asshole, but he’s still an interesting character with multiple layers.  Same can be said about Todd.  The guy seems like a dumb kid who will do anything others told him to, but he’s sneaky enough to come up with the plan to make Jesse cook for them.  Everything for the love for Lydia, I guess.

It’s also the cruelest thing when Walt ratted out where Jesse was hiding.  Walt is griefing over Hank’s death, and he wants to blame everything on Jesse.  It’s even worst when Walt tells Jesse that he watches Jane die, but do nothing about it.  A moment of impact to Jesse’ psyche and any hope to see the two back together forever ends.

And yes, we all notice the similarity Walt reacts to Hank’s death compare to Gus reacts to Max’s death.


Walt Jr. is the hero of the episode.  After years of eating breakfast one after another, Junior finally puts down the cereal spoon and becomes the hero.  The way he protects his mom while calling the police is the bravest thing I’ve seen him done, and I’m glad he steps up when needed.  It’s just sad that I’m not going to see him eating breakfast anymore.


Walt does everything for his family, but at the end, everyone sees him as a monster.  While’s it’s hard to feel sympathetic after everything he has done, it’s understandable why he feels betrayed.  He kidnaps Holly because she’s the only one left in the family that doesn’t judge him for what he has done.  His final gift for his family is letting the police overheard that Skylar has nothing to do with his drug business, and letting them believe that Skylar was threatened.  This is basically it for Heisenberg’s legend, but we all know Walt’s journey is not over yet.  He will be back almost a year later buying M60 and retrieving his ricin.  For a while we don’t know what he’s doing this, but for the first time, we’re finally able to guess what the flashfoward scenes are all about.  Walt is not going to be too happy with Uncle Jack when he finds out that Jesse is still alive, and he’s going to kill them all because of it.

The episode is as depressing as Game of Thrones’ Red Wedding episode.  However, unlike that episode, the character is more relateable, and the death is more tragic.  Also, this episode does a wonderful job with Walt’s emotional journey that there’s no way you don’t feel his pain and suffer as you watch the episode.

Only two episode left.



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  1. Great review. Too many of the ones I’ve read are too pro-Walt or too anti-Walt. But you said it perfectly. It’s hard to feel sympathy, yet it’s also impossible not to feel his pain. He desperately pleaded for Hank’s life, and now everyone thinks he murdered him. It’s devastating to see everything fall apart though, not just for Walt, but because it affects everyone else.


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