Dexter “Monkey in a Box” Review



Fucking Dexter.

“Monkey in a Box” isn’t a good episode, especially considering that this is the second to the last already.  The story drags on and everything is just so boring.  I can’t keep myself to watch this episode, and I constantly look away during the show.  Like what Saxon said “Fucking Dexter.”  Fucking Dexter indeed.

The only good thing out of this episode is that Dexter finally doesn’t feel the need to kill anymore, and says goodbye to his dark passenger once and for all.  Before the final season begins, I always expect the show will end with people finding out Dexter is a serial killer, and he ends up in the electric chair or something.  I guess that would be the bad ending, and this way is better.  Also, thanks for Hannah’s help that Dexter realizes he would rather be with his love ones than an asshole murderer.  And of course there’s a hurricane coming to be the obstacle between Dexter and his happiness.  Funny, it doesn’t seem like hurricane weather in Florida though.

Oh man, the ending scene is the stupidest in the entire series.  Now we know what Clayton is around for, so he can be stupid and free Saxon.  Didn’t he see the news about Saxon on TV yet?  Also, didn’t we see Debra shot in the gut and bleed out before?  Oh, wait.  That was right side, and this time is left.  Silly me.

Mentioning stupid, so Saxon really falls for Dexter’s trick?  It’s clearly a trap to lure him out, and he actually goes to Dexter’s place without any precaution?  How does Dexter know Saxon would go after him, and not his loved ones instead?  This trick only works because the writers want it to work, and it’s not clever at all.

Also, with all the guest stars possible, the show brings back Sylvia Prado instead?  I don’t remember the last time I asked for her.  And what’s the deal with Masuka’s daughter again?  I’m so sick and tired of her line dropping and such.

Only one episode left.  Dexter can still go out great, but it seems hopeless as of now.



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