Batman #23.3: Penguin Review


Penguin is badass.

Ever since the reboot and miniseries Penguin: Pain and Prejudice, DC has been showing us a really mean Penguin, and his new role in the world of DC universe.  He’s mean and merciless.  He might be a joke before, but there’s nothing funny about him anymore.

The latest story of Penguin is when Emperor Penguin takes everything away from Cobblepot and makes him a fool, and we forgot just how dangerous he really is.  Some of the plot can be similar to Pain and Prejudice where he drives a person crazy by killing their families and such, but it’s equally powerful to let us know not to mess with Penguin.  Not to mention he single handedly take out all the thugs in his casino.

A great Villain Month issue that doesn’t have anything to do with Forever Evil, but a deeper look at the character.  This is the type of story I really want for Villain Month, and a great lesson for all of us:

Don’t mess with the Penguin.



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