Batman: The Dark Knight #23.3: Clayface Review


A closer look on who Clayface really is.

Clayface has always been the kind of character that I know of, but doesn’t know anything of.  I was hoping by reading this issue, I would understand better who he is, but I was wrong.  Other than an angry, dumb villain, I still don’t know who Clayface is.

We learn that Clayface doesn’t like it when people call him stupid, and it’s great to see him losing it every time someone calls him stupid.  While I love how this issue basically allows us to know that Clayface is just a joke villain that can never be taken seriously, I still have problems with the overall tone.  I’m really hoping that this issue will give us a more dignified Clayface, but sadly, that isn’t the case.

The issue is still a fun read though, overall.  I just hope it’s something else.


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