Uncanny X-Men #12 Review


Battle of the Atom part 4 of 10.

I really like the Battle of the Atom crossover event.  It’s intriguing, and unlike Days of the Future Past, we also have X-Men from the past in present days as well.  X-Men from the past, present and future all in one place, what more can you ask for?  However, this issue slows down the story so much, I lost interest for the story for a moment there.

The story hardly progress at all in the issue.  It only empathized on the fact that the original X-Men needs to go back to their time, and most of the issue focuses on conversations.  It’s something we already know already, and it feels like Bendis wasted an issue here.

I also have problem with character’s consistency here.  When future Jean Grey first appeared, she seems mature and cool.  However, she turns out to be immature and annoying again.  I guess Jean Grey never really grew up then.

The ending of this issue is bizarre.  So Emma Frost revealed young Cyclops and Jean’s whereabouts, but decides to turn against when she realizes the person is future Jean Grey?  I don’t understand the reason, or logic behind it.

The opening scene with Maria Hill is pretty funny though.



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