Breaking Bad “Granite State” Review


You ready for the end?

This is the episode where we prepare for the ending to come.  Quite honestly, after last week’s episode, I didn’t think we are gonna have another chance to see how the rest of the families deal with the aftermath and goes straight to Walt in his new life.  It’s something I didn’t expect, but it’s great regardless.  Ever since Breaking Bad returns, the show has been a long excitement without a chance for us to take a breath.  This episode serves as a nice little break for us before the finale.

Walt’s hideout is far out in the middle of nowhere, and the loneliness of isolation drives him to contact his family once again even though he’s not supposed to.  He already lost the trust of his family members in the previous episode, but a phone call to his son makes him realizes everything he has done is pointless.  Walt Jr. yells at him, and doesn’t want to see him anymore.  What’s the point to keep on holding the money if he can’t give them to his family?  He gave up, and even called the police himself.  What changes his mind is when he sees Gretchen and Elliot on TV.  He turned away from what’s rightfully his once already, and he’s not about to do the same to the name Heisenberg this time.  He builds an empire, and he wants to stand right by it.  This is basically where the show catches up to what we’ve been seeing in the flashforward.  Walt is going after Uncle Jack and his crew, and there’s nothing stopping him.

Todd is one evil son of a bitch.  The scene where he threatens Skyler is the scariest the TV can be.  Not to mention he shoots Andrea right in the head just to teach Jesse a lesson.  I have no idea just how scary Todd can be, and I’m grateful for his respect for Mr. White.  If it wasn’t for that respect, I don’t see how Skyler was suppose to get out of the situation alive.

Todd and Lydia… I don’t know how I feel about them.  It’s cute to see Todd trying so hard for his love, but the relationship is just bizarre.  Well, 92% and blue meth help I guess.

Now that the end is coming, I can see the final showdown between Walt and Uncle Jack, Jesse and Todd.  The showdown is going to be bloody, and anything can happen by this time.

Only one episode left now.  The show is going to go out with a bang, I know it.



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