Dexter Series Finale Review


Remember the Monsters?

That’s it.  Done.  After 8 long years, Dexter finally comes to an end.  I’m going to say it straight to the front that I don’t like the ending.  Not at all.  Dexter might be a serial killer and all, but he doesn’t deserve an ending like that, not especially right after he realized he doesn’t need to kill anymore in the previous episode.  At the end, he’s just a selfish monster that brings his sister to a demise she doesn’t need either.

I understand the show wants us to see Dexter as a monster that brings bad things to everyone around him, but it doesn’t justify his reason to end Debra’s life.  She has love ones that want to be by her side, and people who will miss her.  Dexter has no right to make the decision to kill her, and not to mention throwing her corpse into the ocean like that.  Why is she being treated like one of Dexter’s “victim” at the end?  Is she being punished for killing LaGuerta?  Or is she being punished for killing El Sapo early in the season?  I know I said that Debra is not going to make it out of the season alive, but this is definitely not what I had in mind.  I have a love/hate relationship with the character, but she definitely deserved a better ending.

And poor Quinn.  I never really like the guy, but I can only imagine the pain of seeing your love ones gone, and without a body to bury.  It feels like even Quinn is being punished at the end.  Maybe for being such a crooked cop in the past seasons.

Okay, despite for being an horrible episode, I do like the look between Batista and Quinn when they’re watching the tape.  They don’t believe a word Dexter said about self-defense, but they still let him go.  They understand Dexter’s pain, and they always look out for family.  However, I can’t believe how messy Dexter became at the end, and it’s really unlike him to pull a stun like that.  But heck, it leads to a good scene so I’m not complaining.

Episode 812

The final scene where Dexter drives into the storm is silly.  Dexter can remove himself from all the love ones all he wants, but it’s not right to leave his son with Hannah.  I’m not saying Hannah is going to be a bad mother or anything, but Harrison still has grandparents for crying out loud!  The grandparents are going to be way better choice that a runaway convict.  Heck, Hannah doesn’t even have the right idea to at least disguise herself or something.  This is not going to end well for the little Harrison, and poor Astor and Cody are never going to see their half-baby brother ever again.

The revelation that Dexter is still alive, and living as a lumberjack is nothing but stupid.  It would be such a better ending if the show ends as Dexter driving into the storm, without a clear ending if he made it or not.  It is depressing knowing that Debra, a innocent bystander that got dragged into the shitstorm has to die, but a real monster made it out alive.  From deep down my heart, I really hope the whole season 8 is just a hoax, and Showtime has the right mind to release the “real” season 8 in the Blu-ray box set or something.  Haha, joking.  Anyway, despite all the disasters, let’s not forget how good the show once was, and remember only the best not the worst.

Goodbye Dexter, It’s been a fun journey.



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  1. I couldn’t agree more. To be fair, It’s been quite a few seasons since I thought Dexter was genuinely as good as it could be, but I thought this season was a meandering mess from the start and a poor way to see the show off. It’s funny to see two shows (this and Breaking Bad) wrapping up at the same time and I think BB is doing everything right (so far, we haven’t seen the last one yet!) and Dexter everything wrong. But that’s just my two cents.



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