Apple iOS 7 Review


It’s so colorful.

iOS 7 is the biggest re-design of Apple mobile device interface since iPhone first released back in 2007.  The update gives all Apple devices a face-lift, and more user friendly devices.  The update is great, but it doesn’t mean everything here works.  Here are some things that work for me, and some that don’t.

The face thing I noticed is the new apps icon.  The icons are now more colorful, and move according to move as the device.  By tilting your device to the side, your wallpaper and apps will move accordingly.  The effect is all cool and all, but it can be kind of distracting for time to time.  Fortunately, the effect can be turned off in setting.

Mentioning Setting, the device now gives us a Control Center- a quick access to some of the most useful setting including Airplane Mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and many more.  This is perhaps the most noticeable, and useful update in iOS 7.  You no longer need to go through the long process to get some simple things done.  However, Apple is really behind on this, as Android devices already have a Control Center years ago.

Siri can now speak different language and uses male’s voice.  Not only that, it will also search through Wikipedia or Tweets as well.  With a simple comment asking a specific person you’re following, Siri will pull up that person’s recent tweets.  It’s really handy, and Siri’s speed has really improved since the previous update.

The Multitasking has improved from the previous iOS as well. Double tap the home button will bring up previous apps like always.  Unlike always, is a snapshot of the app’s current screen.  This allows a quick reference to other apps, and it really is a great improvement.  My only problem is that I didn’t know how to turn off the apps at first, and it takes me a while to figure out.  And that leads to my problems:


The new iOS 7 can take some time to get used too.  The changes of the app icons can be quite dramatic especially the ones such as Photos and Game Center.  While the basic interactions stays the same, but there are things people are going to get used to.  Not to mention people are probably not going to now some new features of iOS 7 until way later.  It seems like Apple forgot that their phone is the most popular one in the world, and it means a lot of older people are going to have problems getting used to the new design.  It takes my father years to finally used to his iPhone, and now he has to start all over again after the new update.  They should really put that into consideration first for the older generations.

Overall, the update is great and it gives iOS the face-life that we’ve been waiting for.  While some new features can be quite problematic, there are more goods to overlook the problems.  Besides, it’s like getting a new device after the download anyway, and everyone likes a new device.



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