Detective Comics #23.4: Man-Bat Review


Man-Bat redeem himself in this issue.

Man-Bat first appear in Detective Comics #900 celebration, and it was horrible.  I didn’t have much hope for this issue, and turns out I was wrong.  This issue is a restart for what a mess the character has been, and it’s a tragic story.

The issue continues Man-Bat’s hunt for his wife, and it’s really a sad story.  At first he is still a hero trying to protect Gotham City in Batman’s place, but that’s not the case few days later.  He slowly succumbs to the the formula, and at the end, he becomes a monster just like his wife.  It’s a sad story especially when Man-Bat thought he’s doing the right thing at first.

The issue doesn’t have some down moments.  I’m not really a big fan of the first few pages where Man-Bat is fighting his wife, but the story picks up once it focuses on only the Man-Bat himself.  Overall, this issue gives Man-Bat the respect he deserved.



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