One Piece Chapter 722 Review


The Royal Bloodline

This is a good chapter, but let’s not beat around the bushes, and go straight to the big revelation: Donquixote Family is one of the twenty royal families that founded the World Government.  This means that Doflamingo is a Celestial Dragon!  No wonder he gets all the special treatments and no one can do a thing about it.  We also learn that the Nefertari Family is part of the twenty founding families as well.  The only differences is that they didn’t leave their kingdom behind and move to Mariejois.

Now my question is: What’s the meeting we seen with King Corbra in the flashback where he yelled at Wapol?  Is that a meeting with royal descents such as Celestial Dragon, or just a meeting between the new royal families?  Also, by not moving the Mariejois with other royal families, does Nefertari Family give up their power or something?  Anyway, many questions here and hopefully they can shine some lights on what happened over 900 years ago.

The rest of the chapter is pretty straightforward.  The battle at Block D is starting, and I really hope Rebecca wins.  Meanwhile, I’m really liking Kin’emon more than ever now, and I really hope we will join the crew.



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