Wolverine and the X-Men #36 Review


Battle of the Atom part 5 of 10.

The major crossover event is half way through now, and the story takes us to all whole new direction.  Just when the original X-Men finally agrees to go back to the past, we see the future is actually not so bad.  Jean Grey school is still intact, and the Sentinels are seemingly protecting the X-Men, or what claimed to be the X-Men.  There’s an Iron Man looking dude among them for god sake.  This rises the questions: If these are the future X-Men, then who the hell are the time travelers from the future?  Also, why the heck did we see the future such a disaster in chapter 1?  So many questions, and only 5 more chapters left.

The rest of the issue can be kind of boring, unfortunately.  The psychic battle between the telepaths are long and stress to watch.  I don’t believe young Jean Grey is more powerful than both Emma Frost and Stepford Sisters.  Also, what does young JG means that she “turns into a bitch?”  She’s a bitch already!

And yes, Deadpool’s speech is really, really awesome.  Too bad it’s all a shame though.



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