Breaking Bad Series Finale Review



This is it.  No more Breaking Bad.  After 5 years, the greatest show in television history finally comes to an end, and it goes out great!  The show ended in the best way possible, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The whole episode is Walt’s journey to redemption, and tying up all loose ends.  Walt’s family is going to have money, Hank and Steve are going to have proper burials, and Walt gets to shove it in Gretchen and Elliot one final time.  A great show always comes in a full circle.  The first season is all about Gretchen and Elliot, and I’m glad the final season comes back to them again.  I have to admit though, by the end of last episode, there’s a little voice in the back of my heading telling me that Walt is going to kill Gretchen and Elliot, but I just chuckle it off.  Well, you can imagine my fear when Walt appears in their living room.  But heck, it’s good to see Pete and Badger one last time.

The scene between Walt and Skyler is a master piece.  I already know the beam in the middle of the room is hiding something behind it, and it’s still a great revelation.  It’s a very power scene, and Bryan Cranston and Anna Gunn really did a wonderful job here.  All the emotion, and you can really see the two of them still in love with each others.  Even though I was rooting for them to hug, I was glad that didn’t happen.  Walt sees both Holly and Walt Jr. one last time are moments that make me want to cry.  Most importantly, Walt admits that he didn’t do all his meth business for the family anymore, but for himself only.  He likes the way it makes him feel, and he’s good at it.  He’s only alive when he’s cooking meth.  The honesty lets Skyler sees that Walt is changed once and for all.  A closure between the two.


The final showdown between Walt and Uncle Jack’s people is awesome!  A machine gun that shoots everyone in the club house?  Walt really out done himself this time.  However, I can’t help it but feel like the whole thing can easily go wrong.  Kenny can check the car’s trunk, and there might not be a club house either.  Heck, what would happen if Kenny insist Walt parks somewhere else.

It’s satisfying seeing Jesse strangles Todd to death!  Oh my god!  How powerful was that?  After everything that happened to him, he deserved a happy ending like this.  Jumping on to a car, ramming down the fence and driving away.  It doesn’t matter where he’s going to, as long as he’s out of the place.  The best thing here is that he didn’t shoot Walt.  He still has that one small piece of soul left in him, and he doesn’t need that dying as well.


Man, a small part in me still hope Jesse can call Walt “Mr. White” one more time, but that’s far gone already.  Also, how creepy is that lifeless corpse moving up and down in the massage chair?

Many fans might think it’s better if Walt’s alive, but that’s not the case.  He’s too far from redemption, but at least he saves Jesse from Uncle Jack’s people.  Jack’s death is similar to Hank’s.  While Walt offers money to spare Hank’s life, Jack offers money to spare his.  Not to mention they both died mid-sentence.

Let’s talk about Lydia for a bit.  Aside from the obvious thing that the ricin is hiding in the sugar pack, did you notice that Todd finally gets to sit at the same table with Lydia?  I wonder what that means for their relationship?  Too bad they’re both dead now though.  Can someone write a fan fiction about it?

Am I interrupting something...?

Am I interrupting something…?

So this brings us to the end.  Walt walking into the meth lab with a gun shot wound to the gut.  He touches the beaker like a baby he cherishes.  This is the place where he feels the most alive, and this is also the place where he’s going to die.  Breaking Bad ends on a high note, and this is an ending perfect for a show like this.  Shows these days usually started off great, but only a handful with an ending delivered like this.  Now the show finally ends, we must close the book and move onto the next one.

Thank you Breaking Bad for a wonderful 5 years.



PS: The journey is not over yet.  Stay tuned for the Complete series set on Blu-ray coming November 26th, and my review for it.


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