All-New X-Men #17 Review


Battle of the Atom part 6 of 10.

This issue shows us why the future is so bad.  Just when the mutants are finally making it, everything falls into pieces.  Like what Hanks said “Two steps forward, seven steps back.” The mutants will never win, and it seems like Hank has lost all hope.

While it’s still not clear what exactly happened that splits the future X-Men into two factors, it’s an interesting mystery for us to find out.  Some of the best Marvel stories always have that mystery element in it.

So we found out that Alison Blaire is going to become the president, but she will be assassinated during her speech.  The question now is who done it, and what Hank is going to do that’s so horrible, it splits X-Men into two groups.  Also, it’s fun to see some subtle hints who some of the future X-Men are.  It seems like the leader girl’s code name is Wolverine, and she has purple glasses… It’s this girl Jubilee?  Oh my god, I hope so, cause that wold be really awesome.

The crossover event has some ups and downs by now.  However, it’s issue like this that makes this a good event.  Hopefully more info will be released soon, and I’m looking forward to next week.



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