Forever Evil #2 Review

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Teen Titans vs. Crime Syndicate. 

The highlight of the issue is when Johnny Quick single handedly defeated the entire Teen Titans crew (okay, with the limited help of Atomica).  I know the foes are tough, but damn!  Can these kids hold out more?  One little touch and Johnny Quick sends the whole Teen Titans to whenever Kid Flash was from.

Now the final heroes are gone, Earth is left without protectors.  Or Not.  The final pages revealed that Batman is still alive with Catwoman and a dying Victor Stone.  Just when all hopes are lost, there’s still a little one left.  While we still don’t know what happened to the other heroes, at least we’re confirmed the Batman in the promotional art is actually him.

The drama between members of Crime Syndicate is great.  I’m intrigued with it right away, and it makes them weak.  Villains with weakness are always interesting villains.

Meanwhile, Lex Luthor is shaping up to be the hero we needed.  Also, it’s great to see the real Bizarro making an appearance in the New 52.  We seen a variation of him in Villain Month, but nothing is as awesome as the real thing.  I mean, just check out this image:

photo 2

Forever Evil is continuing to be a very promising event.  If anything, this issue is even strong than the debut one.  Can’t wait to see what’s happening next.



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