Grand Theft Auto V Review


Welcome to Los Santos.

It’s kind of embarrassing, but I never really play a Grand Theft Auto game until this way.  My friend got me both San Andreas and Vice City before, but all I done was going around killing innocent by standers, and trying to outrun the police.  I always thought Grand Theft Auto is just a series of games where people go to do mindless killings, but I was wrong.  The game has rich characters, and incredible world settings.  Not to mention stories that keep you asking for more.  I have to admit, my impression of Grand Theft Auto was wrong.  While the game still feature mindless killing from time to time, the game has more heart and soul than it seem.

The game takes place in the fictional city of Los Santos that’s based on Los Angeles.  I’m a LA native myself, and the game features many locations that seems very familiar.  Locations such as Staple Center, US Bank Tower and Hollywood Bowl all have versions of themselves in Los Santos.  There are vast activities to do in the city as well.  If you’re bored, you can always go bowling, sky diving or even parachuting.  If you don’t feel like doing any activities, you can just enjoy the grant view of Los Santos.  The details and graphic of the game is so well done, it’s like looking at a painting just playing the game.  How can you not fall in love with the city?

Also, the rural area of the game is great in details, too.  The city just don’t become country side right away, but it goes through slow transition such as mountains, freeway and becomes desert scenes.  You can tell the team really put a lot of thoughts during the creation process.

The game features 3 different playable characters: Franklin, Michael and Trevor.  Franklin is a small time thug who wants to make it big; Michael is a has been criminal who’s running away from the past, and Trevor is just a crazy son of a bitch.  3 very different characters, and 3 very different gaming experiences.  The game usually require the 3 of them teaming up, and pulling off all different kind of heists.  While 3 characters are very different, the goal of the game is quite simple: Do as many jobs around the city as possible, and making a name for yourself.

While the characters are all interesting and such, it’s Trevor that stands out the most.  The character is rude, dangerous and unpredictable.  He can be really offensive, and he makes convicted rapist seem like a saint.  However, despite all the craziness, the character still manages to be the best character in the game.  Maybe it’s because he speaks the truth, or maybe it’s because he’s really, really funny.  It definitely help though, that he can become the owner of the strip club and touches the strippers anyway he wants.  Yep, that definitely helps.

Oh, and it’s really not cool how he killed both Floyd and his girlfriend Debra.


The control of the game is simple, and straight to the point.  However, that’s only the basic controls.  When it comes to the more hardcore stuff such as parachuting or swimming, the controls can be quite confusing.  The worst thing is that the hints only appear the first time when you’r doing the activities, and sometime they don’t appear at all!  It can be problems when players forgot how to move in certain situations.  Someone like me.

The game can be quite glitchy from time to time.  Vehicle disappearance, random bystanders appear out of thin air, and game froze are some of the common ones.  The worst one is when a mission won’t start.  It is not something that can be fixed easily, and may require you to restart the game to a certain degree.  GTA is a game where every move counts, and replaying won’t necessary have the same result.  It’s a big issue that Rockstar really needs to fix.

The missions can be kind of stale from time to time.  However, the game does provide countless other activities to do when time’s slow.  It might be sick, but I really like to figure out new ways to escape from a 5-star wanted level.  My most successful attempt is by putting a lot of sticky bombs outside of Ammu-Nation and detonate them all at the same time, and run away when the police are confused.  It’s not working very well.

Grand Theft Auto V is a great game.  You can really lost yourself in the world of Los Santos for hours just trying out new activities you won’t don in real life.  However, the game’s glitchiness can really get in the way of better gaming experience, and that’s really quite a shame.

Grand Theft Auto Online was just release few days ago, and it’s quite glitchy too.  I might review it too when Rockstar fixes all the issues.



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